Sponge Bob Car Drive


A specatular driving game with SpongeBob behind the wheel


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Sponge Bob Car Drive is an incredibly fun and dangerously addictive game where you have to help SpongeBob drive through an infinite course full of obstacles. Think you're up to the challenge? Then download this app and give it a try!

The gameplay in Sponge Bob Car Drive is simple. All you have to do is help SpongeBob drive his brand new car through a hostile setting full of obstacles: dangerous drop-offs, impossible jumps, steep uphill paths, etc. You'll have to drive carefully, however, to make sure SpongeBob doesn't lose control and crash.

You'll have a few controls on the screen to help you drive the car. With these controls, you can accelerate, brake, and tilt the car's front end up or down. With the right combination of these controls and quick reflexes, there's nothing you can't do!

Sponge Bob Car Drive is a great take on the infinite driving game experience, that you're sure to love playing. So get ready and try to beat your record every time you play!
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